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Viehscheid (Almabtrieb)

The Almabtrieb is a major attraction in the Bavarian calendar of customs. In the Allgäu, this tradition is known as the Viehscheid. This refers to the route taken by the cattle through the village to the gathering place, where the herd is split up and each individual animal returned to its owner. The Kranzrind (Crown Cow) has a very special role to play in the event. The chosen animal leads the herd and wears an elaborate headdress.


Millennium old


The custom of “Klausentreiben” is approximately 1,000 years old and can be traced back to old Celtic customs, In the past, people wanted to drive away demons with this custom and wanted to look more frightening than them for that. The Klausen are covered in fur from head to foot, a cow bell around the waist and horns on the head. Women are generally involved in the same association as the men as so-called “Bärbele”.

The legendary

Stuiklopfer (Stone Crushers)

In this dance, the dancers strike a rock with iron bars. This harks back to an old tradition: the old mining industry.

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